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Welcome to

Haydar Net

Haydar Net is the domain holding for many activities, each of these activities has it's own representative domain.
We can imagine Haydar Net as a Holding with a lot of companies under it, each of these companies has it's own activities and staff.

What are our activities?
We have many activities, the most important four are: General development, Web development, Web hosting and Web design.

General development:
We have developed many programs to help us and other companies in there business.
We have also made some programs that can help with making your web site better and professional.

Web development :
We have many professional PHP/HTML developers who are interested to work with you developing your web site/application and take your own business to the level you desired.

Web Hosting Services :
We have two kinds of hosting plans: Cheap hosting plans and Quality hosting plans. We have Three plans for the Qualtiy hosting services to let you have a choice between the price and the quality.

Web Design Services :
If you want us to design your home page you can do by simply sending us an e-mail explaining how do you want your page to be and what is the information you need to include in your site. After that we will send you some samples for a appropriate price.

if you are not satisfied with our product, you can always charge back your money within 30 days by contacting us using our contact form
NOTE: setup fee's can not be charged back.

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